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How To Sell Your Car For The Best Price

29 March 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

When selling your car, it is in your best interest and likely the biggest concern you have to get the most money for your car sale. So, before you rush to post an online listing, consider making some small investments in repairs and maintenance before you show your car off to the public. If your car isn't ready to be sold, meaning there are some defects, you could potentially be losing thousands on your sale, which can take a big impact on your wallet. Read More …

3 Things To Look For When Buying A Used Semi Truck

22 March 2016
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you are someone who enjoys truck driving and exploring the open road, you know how important it is to have a quality semi truck beneath of you. For many, they opt to go with a good used truck as it is more cost-effective and affordable to someone who is trying to break into the business. However, it isn't always easy figuring out what truck is the best one for your needs. Read More …

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