Four Ways To Customize A Basic ATV

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Four Ways To Customize A Basic ATV

13 April 2016
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Owning an ATV can be a lot of fun because it allows you to go through wooded areas that may otherwise be difficult to pass through. When you purchase an ATV, purchasing the most basic model you can is often the best option because you can then customize it to suit your needs. The following guide walks you through a few customizations to make to your basic ATV ride more enjoyable.

Add Mirrors

There are side mirrors, as well as a rearview mirror that can be added to the ATV. These mirrors are important so that you can guide the ATV when you drive in reverse or when you need to maneuver around something. There are side mirrors that have a foldable frame so that they can fold flat against the side of the ATV when you travel through compact spaces.

Add Windshields

When you purchase a basic ATV, it will not come with a front or rear windshield. You want to be sure to add both the front and rear windshield at the same time because driving without the rear windshield will allow dirt and debris to blow back into the ATV when you travel at quick speeds.

Add a Radio

A radio can be added to the ATV to allow you to listen to music when you are in the ATV. You more than likely do not want to add a radio that has a CD player built into it because the CD may skip as you go over bumps in the woods.

Add Fabric Doors

Fabric doors can be added to the sides of the ATV to keep things from falling out of the ATV and keep sticks and branches from sticking into the sides of the ATV as you go through the woods. When you have children in the ATV, they may not be paying as close attention to their surroundings as they are riding and the doors could keep them from being injured.

All of these additions can be added over time so that you do not have to spend a large amount of money at one time on the customizations. The mirrors, windshield, and fabric door will come with directions for you to be able to easily install them on your own. You may need to have a professional install the radio for you though to ensure that it is installed properly.

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