4 Signs That Your Vehicle's Suspension Needs to Be Fixed

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4 Signs That Your Vehicle's Suspension Needs to Be Fixed

27 July 2016
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Your vehicle's suspension plays a very important part in keeping you both comfortable and safe when you are on the road. The suspension makes sure that you are firmly in control of your vehicle and that all four of your wheels are making contact with the road. Your suspension is made out of various parts, such as bushing, struts, coil springs, and shocks; if any of these parts are not up-to-par, you will notice it when you are driving your vehicle. Here are a few signs that your vehicle's suspension may need to be repaired.

#1: Steering Wheel Does Not Go Back to Center

When you let go of your steering wheel, it should naturally go back to the center. Due to the alignment of your car's tires, it may not be perfectly centered, but your steering wheel should easily and naturally go back to the being centered or near the center when you let go of it. If your steering wheel does not naturally go back to center when you let go or provides you with resistance when you try to bring it back to the center yourself, that is one of the first signs that something is up with your suspension.

#2: Steering Wheel and Vehicle Are Shaking 

Next, when your suspension is not in good working order, you may feel your vehicle shake. You may feel a little shaking sensation when you grip your steering wheel; sometimes this sensation is easier felt at slightly higher speeds than lower speeds. You may also just feel like your vehicle is shaking when you are driving.

#3: Car Has Bouncing and Instability While Driving

Both you and your passengers may notice that the ride of your vehicle is not that smooth. Your suspension absorbs and protects you from all the bumps in the road that you encounter as you drive. When it starts to get worn down, you start to really feel how uneven and bumpy your route that you take every day really is. When driving or riding in your vehicle, you may notice that things feel bouncy, rough, and perhaps even a little unstable.

#4: Tires Are Unnaturally Worn 

When your suspension is off, you don't just feel it inside of your vehicle; you can also see the effects on your tires. When your suspension is worn or bent, you'll notice cupping on your tires, which is where scalloped dips or cups appear on your tires. This is a sure sign that your suspension is what is causing all the other issues you are experiencing.

If you notice more than one of the signs above, take your vehicle to your mechanic and have them check out the suspension. The sooner you take your vehicle in, the less your repair bill may ultimately end up being. When one part breaks down or fails, it puts more pressure on the other parts of your suspension and thus wears them out quicker as well, which is why it is a good idea to get your vehicle checked out right away if you notice the signs above. 

For more information or to have your car fixed, contact an auto mechanic service in your area. 

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