Commercial Roofing Upgrades: What To Know

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Commercial Roofing Upgrades: What To Know

11 April 2016
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If you are ready to put a new roof on your commercial property and you aren't sure which materials are the best, you want to talk with the roofing expert about metal roofing. There are some other materials that you want to see in the quote, to ensure that you're getting a high quality and efficient roof.

You want to choose a product that is affordable, robust, and environmentally friendly at the same time. Here are a few things you'll want to consider for the project.

Metal Interlocking Panels

Metal interlocking roofing panels are going to create a durable long lasting roof. The panels are water-resistant, pests can't burrow or claw their way through the panels, and the metal isn't damaged by frost or the sun. These panels are interlocked to protect the structure of your building from high winds and sudden impacts as well. The metal gets the highest fire safety recognition, and is highly efficient to help reduce heating and cooling expenses for the property.

Lead Flashings

Make sure that all of the underlying components and the metal ventilation pipes and other pieces are composed of lead in the quote, and not a cheaper less durable material. The lead is going to prevent water damage, be durable against weathering conditions and changing temperatures, and can withstand high winds. It is also resistant to fire. If this isn't in the quote, have the contractor make the change.

New Insulation

Since the project is already taking place, you'll want to get new insulation spread throughout the roof and in the attic of the building. Spray foam insulation is going to provide a barrier for air, moisture and sound. Water won't get through the roof, air won't be lost through the top of the building, and the insulation is going to support the structure of the roof.

The professional roofing contractor you work with can help you determine what other repairs or upgrades you want to make, in relation to the gutters, ventilation system and more. You want to choose a roof that is going to be a great financial investment for the property, and that you won't have to worry about replacing or repairing in the near future while you still own the property. Find a contractor that only uses the highest quality materials when they work on a project, and that will put a guarantee on the work they do.  

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