3 Signs Of A Problematic Car Suspension System

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3 Signs Of A Problematic Car Suspension System

1 April 2016
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Driving around in a car that bounces a lot can be frustrating, especially when taking long road trips. If you have noticed that your car bounces when there are no bumps in the road to cause the problem, it might stem from a problematic suspension system. Take a look at the article below to learn about some of the common problems that a car might have when the suspension system is not in good shape.

1. Squeaking When Making Turns

If your tires squeak each time that the car turns a corner, it might be due to a problem with the ball joints of the suspension system. The ball joints are important because they are able to absorb a portion of the shock that is created by a car that causes it to bounce. It is important to get the ball joints replaced before they break altogether and other parts of the suspension system become loose or detached. Keep in mind that the ball joints connect the wheels and suspension system together, so they must be replaced in a timely manner.

2. Untimely Wear On Tires

When you are only able to use new tires for a short while before they begin to develop bald spots, it is a sign that the suspension system should be inspected. You might also notice that the tires lose tread in an untimely manner as well. The wear to your tires is possibly due to the springs of the suspension system being damaged. The springs are important because they are able to support the weight of your car to make sure that it is being distributed evenly among the tires. When more weight is on some of the tires than others, it leads to them wearing out faster.

3. Automatic Drifting into Different Lanes

One of the most dangerous problems that a damaged suspension system can cause is your car to move into other lanes when you are trying to drive straight. It is difficult to maintain control over a car when the shocks of the suspension system are not in good shape. The main purpose of the shocks is to keep the car in contact with the road by preventing it from bouncing a lot, which damage to the shocks is possibly what is wrong with your vehicle. For more information about your car's suspension and other issues, contact Jones Automotive or a similar location.

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