What Can You Do When A Locksmith Isn't Available?

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What Can You Do When A Locksmith Isn't Available?

31 March 2016
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Sooner or later, everyone makes the mistake of locking their keys inside their home or car. You can usually contact a local locksmith to help you get back inside your home or car, but from time to time, you will find that this is not possible. The locksmith may be busy helping other people or you may be in a remote location, and unable to contact a professional. In such cases, you should always try the following strategies to get into your car or home. 

1. Request Help from the Police

If you lock your keys in your car while parked in a busy parking lot, take a look around to see if any police officers are nearby. Most police departments equip their officers with tools designed to slip into the door and release the lock. While different police precincts have different rules and policies for helping citizens get into locked cars, many are happy to help, provided that they have the time to do so.

2. Try to Open the Trunk

Some cars come equipped with collapsing rear seats, which allow you to access the trunk from the cabin or vice versa. If your car is so equipped, and you can access the trunk, you can simply crawl into the cabin and unlock the doors from inside the car. Often, it is possible to thread a straightened coat hanger through the car door gasket, which can allow you to press the trunk release button.

3. Seek Out Unlocked Windows

While most people lock their doors regularly, many forget to keep their windows locked as a matter of practice. Always check every first-floor window to your home before you contact a locksmith. However, it is never advisable to try to climb up to second story windows – the chances of falling are simply too great.

4. Squeeze Through the Pet Door

Dog and cat doors provide another access point to your home. Check to see if you can slip through the door, but if this is a problem, you may be able to reach the door lock by simply sticking your hand and shoulder through the opening.

5. Use Your Garage Door Opener

Although it is generally unwise to do so, most people forget to lock their interior garage door. Accordingly, if you can retrieve the automatic garage door opener from your car, or you can access the control panel, you can probably gain access to your home. 

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