Avoid Achy Brakes: 3 Tips to Help Your Brakes Last Longer

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Avoid Achy Brakes: 3 Tips to Help Your Brakes Last Longer

16 July 2015
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If you're a new driver, you might be a little heavy on the brake pedal. That's completely normal. Many new drivers use the brake pedal a bit too much. Unfortunately, that can put too much pressure on your brakes, which can make them wear out faster. You can help extend the life of your brake pads by following the tips described below.

Slow Down

The faster you're going, the hotter your brakes will get when you stop your car. That's because it takes more energy to stop a speeding car than it does to stop a slow moving car. Unfortunately, the higher temperatures will make your brakes wear out faster. That doesn't mean you have to drive at a snail's pace; it means that your brakes will last longer if you don't speed.

Enjoy the Coast

Sudden stops can be inevitable, especially if the person in front of you brakes unexpectedly. That being said, you can avoid sudden stops in most driving conditions. Keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. Keep a decent distance from the car in front of you, and look for traffic congestion, people changing lanes suddenly, or traffic lights that are about to change.

When you see things like that occurring, take your foot off the gas and coast for a while. This will lessen the need to slam on the brakes. If you do have to stop, you'll be doing it from a reduced speed, which will alleviate the pressure applied to your brake pads.

Keep it Clean

You know that you have to change the motor oil when it gets dirty. Did you know that you should also be changing your brake fluid? Over time, your brake fluid can get dirty and lose its ability to lubricate your brake system. Have your brake fluid flushed at least once every two years to keep your brakes functioning properly.

Another way to keep everything clean and working properly is to remember the wheels when you wash your car. Using the high-pressure water nozzle on your wheels and tires will remove the dust that can collect on your brakes.

You want your brakes to last as long as possible. These simple tips will help extend the life of your brake pads and rotors. If you notice problems with your brakes, such as grinding or squealing noises, you should have them inspected by a mechanic. Those sounds may indicate that it's time for your brakes to be serviced. Consider scheduling an appointment with an establishment like Precision Automotive today.

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