How To Remove Auto Body Overspray

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How To Remove Auto Body Overspray

7 April 2016
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If you aren't sure whether or not your vehicle has paint overspray, feel the surface for rough areas. In some cases, paint being used on another vehicle lands on a vehicle close by, and the spots will be a different color.

After the overspray paint dries, it can be difficult to remove, but you can still attempt to remove it yourself. Here are some tips to remove auto body overspray.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need

  • rubber gloves
  • dust mask
  • microfiber rags
  • terry cloth towel
  • chamois ( leather cloth)
  • hose
  • bucket
  • automotive soap
  • paint thinner
  • liquid dish soap
  • olive oil
  • automotive spray
  • auto detailing clay
  • buffing wheel

Move the vehicle to a shaded area. Fill a bucket with warm water and a drop of soap about the size of a half-dollar. Hose the vehicle, dip the rag in the bucket of soapy water, then scrub the vehicle. Use low water pressure from the hose to rinse the vehicle, and dry it with the chamois.

Apply Olive Oil

Dab a small amount of olive oil on a terry cloth towel, and wipe the paint using a circular, clockwise movement. Let the olive oil set for about four minutes. If the paint has partially dried, the olive oil should loosen it.

Clean the terry cloth towel with liquid dish soap, and repeat the process, if needed. Put on the dust mask, and buff the area with a wool pad and buffing wheel to make the paint shine; changing the pads as necessary. Wash the vehicle again, and apply a coat of wax with the microfiber cloth.

Try Paint Thinner

For overpsray paint that is tough to remove, try paint thinner. Put on rubber gloves, and dab a rag in paint thinner, and rub it on the paint. Remove access paint thinner with a clean rag, buff with the buffing wheel. Clean the vehicle to remove residue, and apply wax.

Use Automotive Clay

Spray automotive spray on the damaged area, and rub it with the clay. Ensure you keep the area damp with the automotive spray, and fold the clay as you move along to keep the surface clean. Keeping the overspray area wet also helps the clay bar glide easier over the surface.

The clay bar removes the overspray without damaging the original paint.Hose the vehicle to remove residue left by the clay, then wax.

Check the overspray paint area for roughness by feeling with your fingers. If the area feels smooth, you succeeded in removing the overspray. If you still can't remove the paint overspray, consider taking the vehicle to an automotive shop like Select Collision Centers Inc.

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