Two Auto Paint Care Tips For The Winter

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Two Auto Paint Care Tips For The Winter

6 April 2016
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The harsh winter months can pose serious threats to your car's exterior paint. Unfortunately, there are many drivers that are unaware of the threats that the winter can pose to their automobiles. To help keep your car exterior safe, you should make sure to keep the following couple of wintertime car care tips in mind.

Wax Your Car Before The Start Of Winter

The winter months can bring large amounts of snow and ice, which causes local governments to use deicing chemicals to help keep the roads safe. While these substances can be highly effective at preventing ice from accumulating on driving surfaces, they can eat away at your car's paint. To help prevent this type of damage, you should make sure to apply a fresh coat of wax prior to the start of winter. The wax will help to serve as an additional layer of protection against this type of damage, but it is still possible for these chemicals to penetrate the layer of wax if they are left on the car for extended periods. Therefore, you should make sure to rinse your car every couple of weeks.

Regularly Inspect Your Paint For Scratches

Once the paint of your vehicle has been compromised, it will be easier for the deicing chemicals to come into direct contact with the metal of your car's frame. When this happens, corrosion can rapidly develop and spread across the auto's body. Unfortunately, scratches in the exterior paint can provide these chemicals with easy access to the car's body. To minimizing the risks of this problem causing serious damages to your car, you should make sure to perform a comprehensive visual inspection of the car's exterior to look for any minor scratches. If you locate this type of damage, you should use a paint repair kit to cover the damage. These kits will contain a small amount of auto paint that can perfectly blend with the rest of your car's exterior. However, you will want to wash the car prior to performing this repair as it is possible for dirt and dust to get into the new paint, which can cause it to have a different color than you expected. You can also contact a local company, like or a similar location, for more help and tips on repairing paint scratches.

Many drivers may make the mistake of failing to appreciate the types of body damage that can come from winter driving. In particular, deicing chemicals can cause extensive damage to your car's exterior paint, but if you make sure to apply wax to the car and patch any scratches that you may notice, you will be in a far better position to prevent these winter threats from damaging your car.

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