Teenager Finally Have Their License? 4 Safety Tips To Keep Them Safe If Their Car Breaks Down

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Teenager Finally Have Their License? 4 Safety Tips To Keep Them Safe If Their Car Breaks Down

6 April 2016
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If your teenager is about to start driving, they've probably taken a driver's training course that has taught them what they'll need to know to be a safe driver. While that's important, it's also important that they know how to be safe while driving. Part of that safety is understanding the safety precautions they should take if their car ever breaks down while they're out driving. How they react to the situation will determine how safe they'll be while they wait for the tow truck to arrive. Here are four safety tips your child should learn before they head out on the road by themselves.

Move the Car off the Road

In most cases, the car will give some advance notice that there's about to be a problem. As soon as your teenager notices a problem with the car, they should head towards the shoulder of the road. Once on the shoulder, they should pull as far off the road as possible. Pulling off the road will help ensure that their car doesn't get hit by passing motorists while waiting for help.

Make Sure the Car is Visible

As soon as you get to the shoulder, turn your hazard lights on. The hazard lights will alert passing motorists that there's a problem with the car. You should also ensure that they carry an emergency kit in the backseat of the car. Keeping it in the car will ensure that your teenager doesn't have to exit the car to reach the emergency kit. Be sure that they have reflective triangles in the kit. Have them place the reflective triangles in the rear window of the car. The reflective triangles will make the car more visible to passing motorists.

Gather Important Papers Before Tow Truck Arrives

Once the tow truck arrives, your teen is going to need to exit the car and provide paperwork. To help them speed the process up and get them into the safety of the tow truck as soon as possible, your teenager should be gathering the important paperwork while they're waiting for the tow truck.

Stay in the Vehicle

If the car breaks down, your teen should remain in the car with the doors locked until the tow truck arrives. This is perhaps the most important safety tip your teenager should remember. Remaining inside the car will reduce the chances of them being injured by passing motorists. If someone other than the tow truck driver – police officer – approaches the vehicle, your teen should keep the doors locked and speak to the individual through closed windows.

You want your teenager to enjoy the freedom of driving themselves where they need to go. You also want to ensure their safety. If their car breaks down, the tips provided here will help keep your teen safe while they wait for assistance. Keep the number of a tow truck company, such as Marv's Quality Towing Inc, in your car to keep your teen safe. 

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