Safety Tips When Riding In Your Off-Road Vehicle

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Safety Tips When Riding In Your Off-Road Vehicle

15 July 2015
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Driving off-road vehicles in mountain terrain is a very popular activity among outdoor lovers. If you enjoy driving one, then you are undoubtedly aware that there are some dangers involved in doing so. One common danger is the potential for accidents, which can occur when you least expect it. Here are some smart riding tips that can help improve your chances of maintaining your safety at all times:   

Adequate lighting

If the high beams of your ATV don't provide adequate lighting, then an off-road LED light bar could provide more light when riding at night, keeping you safer as a result. Depending on the LED light bar that you choose, not only will you increase your ability to see, but it can enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Some off-road LED light bars are quite sporty since they're made specifically for off-road vehicles. There are many bars to choose from, and installation is usually quick and easy.  

Safety Flag  

Since cell phone reception in mountain areas is almost nonexistent, carrying a cell phone and a charger in your vehicle may not be helpful in the event of an emergency situation. However, a brightly-colored safety flag will increase your chances of being seen by others, especially when riding at night. If you're experiencing an emergency, then others can provide and/or seek assistance for you. You can choose any color that you desire, as long as you ensure it is an actual ATV safety flag.  

Proper gear

Although you might prefer to simply wear clothes that you find most comfortable while riding through the woods, protective gear that is made specifically for spending time in your off-road vehicle is important. Not only can you find some pretty attractive and flattering protective gear, but it will minimize injuries caused by tree branches that could scrape you, falling debris, and other possible hazards. Specially-made protective gear can repel moisture, protect your knee and hips areas with extra padding, and some even consists of mesh material that can keep you cool through the process of air circulation.


Proper footwear is also necessary when spending time on your ATV. Thick boots, or shoes above the ankle should suffice, and you should couple them with moisture-absorbing socks to ward off sweating and odor. This will increase your comfort and ward off the development of bacterial infections and rashes.

Despite the fun that you can have driving an off-road vehicle, there is the potential for encountering danger while in the woods. That is why it is important to take all necessary safety precautions, so you can explore the woods as much as you desire, without worry. 

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