Knowing When Your Brake System Needs To Be Serviced

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Knowing When Your Brake System Needs To Be Serviced

22 June 2015
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Deciding when it is time to have your brakes replaced can be confusing, as there are not dashboard indicators to inform you of brake defects. Well, rather than spend money on visits to your local repair shop just to have them tell you whether or not your brakes are bad, you may find it better and cheaper to take matters into your own hands. There are many ways to tell that your brakes are failing, such as:

Metal Grinding Noises:

If you are worried about your brake pads being low on padding, then listening for grinding noises when coming to a stop can be one of the biggest ways to check for brake pad quality. If you hear any sort of metal grinding noises, then it can definitely be a sign that it is time to replace your brakes. This is because this noise typically indicates that your brake pad's low and should be replaced immediately. There is a metal plate underneath the brake pads, and once this metal plate is exposed you will begin to hear grinding noises when braking your vehicle.

Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking:

Does your steering wheel shake and rattle when braking your car? If so, then this could potentially mean that your brake system is failing due to warped rotors. If your rotors are warped, it can become difficult for your brake pads to latch onto them and slow your vehicle. Warped rotors are caused by low-quality brake pads that begin to scratch and create grooves in the rotors, which causes them to warp over time. This is a serious brake repair to have done, so if your car begins to shake when braking, definitely don't hesitate to seek repairs.

Spongy Pedal Feeling:

Does it take some force to slow your car? If so, this can be due to a lack of response from your brake pedal. Brake pedals that have to be pushed down hard can cause some difficulties slowing your car. This can be due to poor quality brake fluid, a low amount of fluid and even air bubbles in your brake fluid line. A mechanic will be able to flush out any air bubbles and bad braking fluid, and provide new fluid so your brake pedal becomes more responsive and less resistant.

By checking for these indicators, you will be able to know and understand why your brakes are failing, so you can plan accordingly and take your car in for repairs when these issues are presented. So avoid spending money on a brake inspection, as you can decide whether or not your brakes are failing with these few tips.

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